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Every year, hundreds of independent financial professionals attend the LifePro Summit to start their year off right and create an actionable plan that sets the tone for the months to come.


LifePro is bringing together the best and brightest in the life insurance and annuity industry! Presentations will include The Time Has Never Been More Right for Annuities! from Dan Biagini, How to Get In Front of the Most Qualified Prospects (Over and Over Again!) from Jorge Villar, and The Future of Genomic Testing from Tom Wamberg and Lynnette Bates.


LifePro has asked highly acclaimed personal success coach, Jack Canfield, to be our keynote speaker. During his presentation, Jack will teach you his proven breakthrough success system that guarantees you greater levels of peak performance and success in every area of your life. 


With 300+ independent financial professionals who attend each year, you’ll meet people who are in your shoes, who have faced the same struggles you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles. Plus, we’ll cap off the day's event with a cocktail reception so you can network with peers, company executives, and the LifePro team.


Don Blanton, MoneyTrax

FEATURED 2019 TOPICS ________

Mastering the Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Knowing how to achieve success is like knowing the combination to a lock. If you are missing any of the numbers, or have them in the wrong order, the lock won’t open. In this fast-paced, entertaining and powerful seminar, based on his latest book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be — The 10th Anniversary Revised Edition, Jack will teach you his proven breakthrough success system that guarantees you greater levels of peak performance and success in every area of your life — your career, your finances, and your personal life.

Communicate With Your Clients on a Much Higher Level Than Ever Before

The Circle of Wealth® is a system that significantly improves the level and quality of communication between financial advisors and their clients. The system is a proven combination of a 10-step client consultation process and an extensive suite of supporting software applications. 

The 10-step client process covers an entire engagement from the first meeting through the implementation of recommendations. The process is carefully sequenced to ensure clients understand the unique value a Circle of Wealth® advisor delivers.

Why 2018 Was Our Producer’s Best Year Ever… and Why 2019 Will Be Better! 

Last year was LifePro’s best year ever and it was all do to 1 reason: the top advisors that LifePro works with, educates and supports had their best year ever! President of LifePro, Ben Nevejans, will kick off the Summit by sharing with the audience what set those top advisors apart from all the rest. You’ll learn the proven tools, concepts and implementation strategies that you can incorporate into your practice to ensure that you are part of the record setting growth in 2019!

A Winning Combination

Independent, but not alone. LifePro was founded with one goal in mind – to be an asset to and an advocate for the independent advisor. Heather Ulz, CEO of LifePro, will share how the LifePro team draws upon its many resources and relationships to bring you the best of what your peers and our industry have to offer. With the plight of helping every independent advisor be as successful as they dream to be, LifePro has operated with the foundational understanding that by working together in a solid partnership we will all be more successful.  

Getting in Front of the Most Qualified Prospects (Over and Over Again!)

Everyone has heard of seminar selling, but it was Jorge Villar of RME 360 that pioneered and perfected the art of Dinner Event Marketing. The LifePro Wealth Builder is that system and together with Jorge’s knowledge of what must be said “Between the Slides”, you will improve your conversion ratio 10-fold and begin connecting with your prospects rather than intimidating and alienating them.  

In this main platform presentation, you will learn every potential client’s unspoken questions and how to address those questions in a way that allows them to identify and move forward with you on a consistent basis that will propel your activity and sales to the next level!  

The Future of Genomic Cancer Testing 

The Cancer Guardian™ program provides your clients access to leading DNA genomic profiling tests if diagnosed with cancer. Genomic profiling can also help your client’s doctor in selecting the treatment options that have the greatest chance of success, and improve the accuracy of the initial diagnosis that can save and extend your client’s life!

The Cancer Guardian program allows you to offer your client access to state of the art cancer genomic profiling if stricken with cancer, at no cost!

As a LifePro advisor with a new insurance applicant you are entitled to offer Cancer Guardian and the first year is free while the average cost for one genomic profiling test averages $7,000 or more. Your client’s dependent children under age 26 are also included for free.  

The Time Has Never Been More Right for Annuities

Your clients should not have to worry about the daily stock market gyrations, interest rate changes, and negative news cycle they’re inevitably presented with each day. Dan Biagini, Vice President of Sales at Allianz Life, will present sales strategies to help you establish an annuity program that will bring stability and protection back into your client’s financial future.  

In this presentation, you will learn how to position annuities as a retirement vehicle that will take pressure off your client’s portfolios, provide a solution to unwanted RMD’s, and generate lifetime income.  


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Your Ticket to LifePro Summit 2019 Includes... 

  •  Access to the annual LifePro Summit in San Diego, CA - February 13, 2019.  
  •  Continental breakfast prior to event and cocktail reception following after event.  
  •  Speaker presentation slides and audio/video files of each session.  


Brian G. San Diego, CA 

This event is a great reminder of our industry benefits, exceptional tools provided by LifePro, and our mission as independent financial professionals.

Elizabeth A. Arleta, CA

LifePro Summit clearly defines the value of what we do and how LifePro can support our business. So much to take in and make changes to the way I do business! 

Tad B. Newport Beach, CA

Great speakers and great event! Having this event helps us advance our business. No product pitches which is great to see!


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Del Mar Hilton Experience a tranquil getaway at the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar hotel. The prime Del Mar location is less than a mile from beautiful beaches, across the street from Del Mar Racetrack, University of California San Diego and close to San Diego's most popular attractions. Take advantage of the complimentary transportation within a five-mile radius of the hotel and explore first-class amenities such as the beautiful outdoor pool and on-site dining.  



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