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Innovative Product Design Enhancements

Learn about exclusive index capabilities and dynamic hedging that allows superior performance

Unique Target Marketing and Positioning

Discover the five (5) specific markets that may be a good client for the Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage℠ product

Fully Compliant with 2017 CSO Mortality Tables

View the effects every FIUL product will have once the new regulations become required on January 1, 2020

There have been some recent changes to the FIUL market... and a MAJOR one is about to happen!

Starting January 1, 2020, all FIUL products will need to comply with new regulations - shifting from the use of the older 2001 CSO Mortality Tables to the updated 2017 CSO Mortality Tables. And depending on your client's focus (protection vs. accumulation), this could either mean more favorable results or, generally, less favorable.

On top of this, we've certainly seen more and more FIUL products quickly enter into the marketplace and offer a "high bonus, high charge" feature.

Allianz has responded to these changes and will launch a new FIUL product called the Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage℠ on Tuesday, August 20th - and they're giving LifePro and YOU an exclusive, sneak peek!

Join us the morning of the launch on Tuesday, August 20th, at 10AM (PST), for an exciting webinar reveal about the newest FIUL product to hit the marketplace that could easily help you 10x your life insurance business. 


  • The regulatory changes that all FIUL products will need to comply with by January 1, 2020 (This update will actually be an ADVANTAGE for protection-focused products)
  • Allianz's response to the "high bonus, high charge" products entering the market
  • The three index allocation option tiers that offers the opportunity for up to a 40% guaranteed interest bonus rate... with more opportunity for credited interest!
  • An exclusive index lock feature that will give your clients the ability to lock in an index value anything during the crediting period
  • PLUS... get a side-by-side comparison of the new FIUL product against other popular FIUL products through a monte carlo simulation


Todd Petit AVP, Actuarial Product Development, Allianz Life

Todd Petit is an actuary responsible for life product development at Allianz Life for the last 14 years. He has been focusing on product design, implementation, reinsurance relations, and marketing strategy have most recently moved to a sales development role.  

Over his 20 years in the industry he has worked on the creation and management of all types of life insurance products from Term, Whole Life, Variable Life to UL, GUL, and Indexed Universal Life. During that time, he has had a front-row seat on product performance throughout the years during all kinds of market environments. He has seen the successes and failures of carriers, product design, sales practices, and ultimately regulation. In this presentation, Todd will weave a cautionary tale on how to avoid the dangers and pitfalls he sees repeating themselves in today’s IUL product market.  

Todd received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame in 1994. He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.


Ben Nevejans - LifePro Financial Services, Inc.

Ben Nevejans President, LifePro Financial Services

Ben has been in the financial services industry for over 18 years. Upon graduating from Plymouth State University with an Interdisciplinary degree in Outdoor Recreation and Business with a minor in communication, Ben moved to San Diego, CA and soon after went to work for Bill Zimmerman and LifePro Financial. Since then, Ben has been directly involved with many aspects of the insurance, annuity and investment business including sales, recruiting, customer service, marketing, supervision and leadership. Over his tenure, Ben successfully oversaw the opening and operations of a satellite office in the greater Boston area and currently leads a team of highly intelligent, energetic and engaged individuals dedicated to the success of their customers. As a frequent article contributor, member of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA) Board of Directors, member of the Risk Appraisal Forum, Advisory Board member of both National Life and Allianz Life Insurance Company, Ben’s opinion is often sought out as an industry leader and expert. As acting President of LifePro Financial, Ben sits on the executive board of directors and along with LifePro CEO, Heather Ulz and Chairman Bill Zimmerman, oversees day to day operations and strategy for the firm, now one of the foremost IMOs in the country.  


Why Top Financial Advisors Will Love the Newest FIUL Product