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High Impact Appointments

Join us November 1, 2017 in San Diego to duplicate your best clients!

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Turn your best appointments into a repeatable process that generates greater revenue

This one-day session addresses the process and skills required before, during and after the most impactful meetings. The desired result is better execution, stronger relationships and ultimately more business.

Registration: $99 FREE with scholarship credits (ask your FSR for availability)

Checklist - High Impact Appointments | LifePro

Preparation: Positioning Statements, Scripting, and Prepared Questions

Be able to define what success looks like so your meeting focus changes and you know what direction you need your conversation to go, persistently, to achieve it.

Interview - High Impact Appointments | LifePro

Execution: Interview Skills, Organized Message, and Clear Action Steps

Capture and practice the exact words you use on your very best days. Your next level of professionalism is not less scripting, it's more scripting and delivering prepared material.

Follow Up - High Impact Appointments | LifePro

Follow-Up: Routines for What, Who and When

Learn about the "1-3-7" follow-through process to assist in extending the impact, or lift, to your high impact appointments as well as the "Daily Point System" that puts value towards your day.

"While it is nice to believe that each of our meetings has equal impact, the reality is that only a handful, perhaps 2 or 3, actually produce the greatest impact on future business. The ability to repeat those relatively few high impact appointments has an enormous impact on your overall success."

Attend High Impact Appointments on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, from 8:30AM-1:30PM.

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Joe Ross, High Impact Appointments | LifePro