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Customized 'Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis'

Receive a custom report that provides your client with a snapshot of their current retirement plan and their overall retirement success probability.

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What's included in the 'Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis'?

  • Overview of retirement success probability – Compare the client’s current retirement success probability alongside the success probability of a recommended scenario.
  • Breakdown of retirement risks - Review the four major risks during retirement and the potential impact they can make to their retirement savings. 
  • Protected income sources – Highlight the 4 recommended sources of income that can potentially create guaranteed income for life and protection from retirement risks.  
  • Current retirement scenario – Display an analysis of how the client’s money may hypothetically perform within its current state.  
  • Recommended retirement scenario – Present how their money may hypothetically perform with the addition of incorporating recommended financial products.  
  • Account values and cash flow - Outline the hypothetical values with visually-appealing graphics that are easy-to-understand for the client.  
  • Simple, step-by-step process – Walk clients through the recommendations and gain commitment to move towards implementation.

In addition to the report, you’ll also be given a personal business coach that will walk you step-by-step through the report and make sure you are fully prepared for your client appointment.  

Receive your customized 'Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis'!