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LifePro makes personalized Money Script Monday videos free for all financial professionals.

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Provide financial clarity, dispel myths, & show your clients how money works in 10 minutes (or less) with these videos.

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  • A library of 250+ financial education videos (and videos being added every Monday!)
  • 5 unique financial categories ranging from life insurance and annuity solutions to assets under management
  • Length of each video is 10 minutes (or less) to convey the necessary information and nothing more
  • Personalized landing pages that include your company logo, profile picture, and contact information
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Five Unique Financial Categories
that Deliver Value to Clients

From educating yourself to finding clients to closing the sale. We're dedicated to helping you reach out to clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Life Insurance
Showcase the benefits of a life insurance policy with its superior protection and flexibility.

Share the message of a steady stream of retirement income that is guaranteed for the rest of their life.

Send expert advice on the markets and economy while promoting a diversified approach to investing.

Promote specific financial topics including college planning and Social Security.

Sales & Marketing
Discover the latest trends and sales tools that financial professionals are using to grow their business.

See what top financial professionals are saying about the videos...

"These videos are fantastic! I love how they address some common objections that I receive from prospects or clients. They give me great insight on how to answer them in future meetings. I may double - or even TRIPLE - my business this year because of it!"

Anthony M.

Westerville, OH

"All the presenters are great... well-spoken and engaging. The topics are relevant and the pocess to watch and the share the videos to my clients is very easy. Thank you for the weekly updates on new videos and I love the custom hyperlinks to my own page! "

Tad B.

Newport Beach, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What do you need from me to get started?"

A: Not much. Once you fill in the form on this page, a LifePro representative will reach out to you to collect the needed information.

The needed information goes as follows...(1) company logo, (2) profile picture, and (3) contact information.

That's it!

Q: "How long does it take to get the personalized videos?"

A: Once you fill in the form, a LifePro representative will be reaching out to you within 24-48 hours. The overall time of the creation of the pages typically takes about one day.

Q: "Does it cost anything?"

A: Nothing! Nada! Zero!

Q: "No obligation or contracts. What's the catch?"

A: During this unprecedented time, it's important now more than ever to join together not as an IMO to agent, but rather from one partner to another.

We're all experiencing struggles right now and it's vital to keep everyone in the financial industry afloat and keep our business thriving so that we can all have an industry we can be proud of for years to come.

Q: "How will I receive the videos?"

A: We'll get you set up with an official login to a portal where you'll be able to view all of the videos and track activity.

Q: "Will anybody coach me on how to present it?"

A: We most certainly can! The LifePro represenative wil show you where to go and how to market the videos. We're here for you, if you want the extra support.

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